Token Ecosystem

  1. 1.
    Chartpan platform ecosystem is driven by ChartpanToken(CPT) and Cpoint.
  2. 2.
    'ChartpanToken' is a blockchain-based currency that can be acquired by holding ChartpanNFT or purchasing them on exchanges.
  3. 3.
    'Cpoint' is a non-blockchain-based sub-currency within the platform that can be obtained through staking chartpantoken(CPT) or other community activities.
Where to use
Whether to Burn
Cpoint is provided as a reward when staking
2% fee burn
Personalized automatic trading (coin)
Requires 300 tokens per month
70% for Company, 30% burn
Screening for soaring/declining stocks
Requires 100 tokens per month
70% for Company, 30% burn
Subscription system between users
Requires 30-100 tokens per month
70% for user,
30% burn
Withdrawal fee
100 tokens required per session
100% burn
Ssugi emoticon sale
300 tokens required
70% for NFT holder,
30% burn
Trading AI search service
2 Cpoint required per used
Requires 30 roulette and 100 lottery cpoint per play
Product exchange
Can be exchanged for NFT, gift certificates, etc.
  • The actual amount of tokens and lottery tickets used is subject to change at the time.
  • The token burn in the table above is permanent, and separately, by the end of 2031, 50% of the net profit of is used to buy back the token and additional burn is carried out.